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Knowing Who I Am

You would think that with all the forms we fill out, both online and off, we would know who we are. Although if we stop to think about it, we may realize that the information required to open a Google account or to get a new credit card or to buy a book on Amazon.com […]

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Jesu Tibi Vivo: The Video

See “Jesu Tibi Vivo (Jesus, for You I Live).” For high quality viewing, click on “HQ” (bottom right of frame) after video starts.

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One of the old songs which the Sisters of the Cenacle sing for special occasions is “Jesu Tibi Vivo.” The original words, in Latin, go like this: Jesu, tibi vivo; Jesu, tibi morior; Jesu, sive vivo, sive morior, tuus sum. (Jesus, for you I live; Jesus, for you I die; Jesus, whether I live or […]

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