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Why the Cross?

Why did Jesus go to the cross? We know, of course, that if he were to remain true to who he was, it was inevitable that he would be considered a threat — to certain leaders of the people, as well as to the Roman occupiers of Palestine. But was there more involved in Christ’s […]

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The Bag Lady

The following is by our Sister Madeline Birmingham and is used with permission: – – – – – Strange, that. She’d not been there before at the top of the subway stairs. I passed her by busy with thoughts of important things. She wouldn’t miss the mite I could give. Others, with more than I, […]

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Taking Christmas Seriously?

John Kavanaugh, S.J., in an article in America Magazine, in December of 2006, coined the term “Christmas-ists,” to counter what he called the “newly fashionable atheism” that had emerged in our society. These new atheists, he pointed out, are not content simply to deny the existence of God, but are convinced (and try to convince […]

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Gift of Love

September 26 is the feast day of Saint Therese Couderc. I would like to share with you a reflection by our Sister Thelma Hall on Saint Therese’s experience of “self-surrender,” which can seem so daunting to us.  The following is from Sister Thelma’s book, Too Deep for Words: Rediscovering Lectio Divina (p 23): For most […]

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Faithful Witness

I was so pleased with this photo of the moon rising behind bare trees here at the Metairie Cenacle, that even though I have already put it on my photography blog, I wanted to share it here as well. Psalm 68 calls the moon a “faithful witness in the sky.”  Amid all the uncertainties of […]

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