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What Do I Want Most of All?

One of my favorite quotes is from Van Cliburn (see also At All Costs): I think the most important thing about going into classical music is that one must love it more than anything else in the world, and to feel that without it his life would be incomplete, so that he must have it […]

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Come, O Come!

Come, Lord Jesus! Come to this world so laden with sorrow, dirtied with greed, fractured by war and hate, weighed down with anxiety. Come to our hearts that sometimes long for you and sometimes choose lesser things over your love. Come to your beloved people who don’t know how to receive you. Come as you […]

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There was a story in the newspaper some time ago about a town where monarch butterflies spend the winter. Every year they migrate to one particular lot where there are certain trees that they like. But the problem was that the woman who owned the property was planning to sell it to developers who would […]

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At All Costs

As frequently happens, yesterday I found something for which I’d been futilely searching only while looking for an entirely different item. It was a clipping I had cut out of the paper years ago, containing a quotation from Van Cliburn on what is necessary for a career as a pianist. “I think,” he said, “the […]

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Longing for God

There are many things I yearn for. Right now I would like more memory for my computer — not to mention a faster processor and high-speed internet access. We all have numerous desires, many of which are far more worthy than these. We want a rewarding job, financial security, good health, a happy family life […]

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