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The Bag Lady

The following is by our Sister Madeline Birmingham and is used with permission: – – – – – Strange, that. She’d not been there before at the top of the subway stairs. I passed her by busy with thoughts of important things. She wouldn’t miss the mite I could give. Others, with more than I, […]

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Taking Christmas Seriously?

John Kavanaugh, S.J., in an article in America Magazine, in December of 2006, coined the term “Christmas-ists,” to counter what he called the “newly fashionable atheism” that had emerged in our society. These new atheists, he pointed out, are not content simply to deny the existence of God, but are convinced (and try to convince […]

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Some years ago I attended a performance, by a local church choir, of Handel’s Messiah. It was unusually well done, but what impressed me most was not the performance, but one of the singers. You will remember that during “For Unto Us A Child Is Born,” the music builds until it reaches a climax in […]

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A plumbing ad from the local paper: ATTENTION HOME OWNERS: No other plumber makes you this golden guarantee… “MY PLUMBER WILL SMELL GOOD AND SHOW UP ON TIME OR I’LL PAY YOU!!” Now I can think of worse ways to approach life than smelling sweet and being on time. But oh, if only life’s dealings […]

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One of Us

God has become one of us. “And therefore,” says Karl Rahner, “everything is different from what we imagine it to be.” God is here, and all creation is being led toward its fulfillment in love. When we say, “It is Christmas,” we mean that God has spoken into the world his last, his deepest, his […]

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