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Why the Cross?

Why did Jesus go to the cross? We know, of course, that if he were to remain true to who he was, it was inevitable that he would be considered a threat — to certain leaders of the people, as well as to the Roman occupiers of Palestine. But was there more involved in Christ’s […]

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For Me

God does not always act in ways that we human beings consider fitting. Consider the Incarnation. God-with-us, Emmanuel, comes as the most vulnerable of creatures: a human fetus; a human newborn dependent on fallible adults for care and protection, and who hasn’t yet learned to control his bodily functions; a small child who must be […]

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What happened when sin entered the world?  Did God have to make changes in the divine blueprint?  Perhaps God said, “Oops, the perfect world of peace and joy that I had in mind has been messed up, so I guess I’ll have to send Jesus.”  Perhaps, as C. S. Lewis puts it, “the Fall took […]

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You’re All Right

Since the bag of groceries I was carrying to the car was heavy, I was in a hurry to put it down. Walking at a brisk clip, I suddenly realized there was a large white car right behind me. Actually I had walked in front of the car, and the driver had managed to avoid […]

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Again I Say, Rejoice

The following is by Sister Elizabeth Hillmann. Click for more about or by Sister Elizabeth. – – – – – Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. (Philippians 4:4) – – – – – It was an all day affair. I knew God was looking deeply into the depths of me and […]

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