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Don’t Panic

When corpses are not where you’ve left them, it is reasonable to assume that someone has moved them. That’s what Mary Magdalene naturally thinks when she sees the empty tomb on the first Easter morning.   Something must be very wrong, she supposes.  After all, everything else has gone wrong the past few days. Jesus has […]

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Embracing All

  [Jesus’] raising from the dead is inclusive, open to the world, and embraces the universe, an event not merely human and historical but cosmic too: the beginning of the new creation of all things. Jürgen Moltmann, Sun of Righteousness Arise: God’s Future For Humanity And The Earth – – – – – And I, […]

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Rejoice, All Creation!

Rejoice, heavenly powers! Sing, choirs of angels! Exult, all creation around God’s throne! Jesus Christ, our King, is risen! Sound the trumpet of salvation! (Exultet, Easter Vigil) Happy Easter from all of us at the Cenacle! – – – – – Photo by Rose Hoover, rc Space images courtesy of NASA.

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Mary Magdalene (whose feast day is July 22, though superseded this year by the Sunday liturgy) is the patron saint of all sorts of people. Among others, she is the patron saint of: reformed prostitutes (showing that she is confused with the woman in the Bible who anointed the feet of Jesus—and who some have […]

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At the end of the Lenten season, I was finding it hard to move into the spirit of Easter. It seemed important to spend some quiet time reflecting on the Resurrection. Out of this reflection, I would like to share a few thoughts with you. The Resurrection of Christ shows us that we are not […]

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