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Small mysteries abound. First, the escalator at Macy’s wasn’t working last week, so along with the other customers, I was walking down. Standing on the bottom step — as some sort of safety measure, I suppose — was a woman, an employee of the store. Between her feet was a shoe, so that she looked […]

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Eyes to See

One day while I was still living in Louisiana, I went out for my evening walk with the expectation of seeing nothing new — except perhaps larger cracks in the levee from the oppressive heat and drought. However, walking along the lake, I stopped at one spot to approach the water, and to my surprise […]

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On the way home from a Cenacle celebration on the east coast this past October, Sister Elizabeth and I decided to take a detour by way of the Okefenokee Swamp. We headed inland, thinking to spend the night in Waycross, Georgia, then zip over to the swamp the following morning. “Should we call ahead and […]

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